2015 3rd Quarter Newsletter

“Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:17 These past few months, though very busy, have been full of choosing joy, transforming prayer and many thanks to the Lord for all that He is doing and for all who have served alongside of us! We had a wonderful 2 weeks in The States visiting family and friends, and are so thankful for all of the divine appointments that the Lord orchestrated! We were truly blessed! We returned on the same flight with the first of 4 mission teams that we hosted in July and August, so we hit the ground running when we arrived home!

unnamedVisiting Sarah’s family in South Carolina


Mission Teams

   We have been super blessed by all of the work done over these past few months by the mission teams we have hosted!  The beauty of having these teams here is that we have used them in the local schools to bring the Gospel to the students and staff!  We now have an open invitation in 3 different schools to minister whenever we want.  We have also been able to invite all either to Horizon Church or to our sister church, Iglesia Radical, with the hopes that some of them will begin to attend regularly.

We hosted a Youth Team from Lexington, Kentucky and they built the first stage of a storage shed behind a local school.  They also led Kids Club and spent time with the local youth, among other things.  We had a team from Calvary Chapel Aiken, one of our supporting churches, and they were such a blessing to us!  They finished up the storage shed from the last team, and they built a roof in the back of Casa Fe.  They also led Bible Studies, led Kids Club, ministered to youth and homeless and ministered in the local schools.  Souls for Soles, an organization that provides shoes to communities in need, partnered with this team and we distributed shoes to children in 2 of the local schools in Jaco.  It was so sweet to see the faces of the children light up when they were fitted with a new pair of shoes!  This is the second time this team has served with us and it was such a joy to host them!

unnamed (1)
Finished storage shed behind the local school
unnamed (2)
Roof being built behind Casa Fe
In August, we hosted a family team made up of some of our best friends from South Carolina!  There were 6 families on the team and they made a lasting impact here, especially with our youth.  They ministered daily to the youth who help with Kids Club, and built some strong relationships with these kids.  It was amazing to see the connections made!  They also built a new swing set and new benches in the Kids Club park, they ministered through Bible Studies to men and women, and led a Soccer Camp for kids at the local soccer field.  Two of the families are already planning to return in November to visit.
unnamed (3)
New swing set built by the team in the Kids Club park!!!!
unnamed (4)
Soccer Camp for kids
The team that just left us is from Faith Baptist Church in Mempis, TN.  This was their third year serving with us and they were more than a blessing this year as well!  They focused on ministering to families through taking family photos in INVU (Kids Club neighborhood) and printing and framing the pictures on the spot.  This was incredible to see these sweet families come to get their pictures taken–most of them never having taken a family picture before.  After each picture was taken, the families were prayed for by the team and God was doing special ministry in the hearts of the people this day.  It was amazing!   This team also led a Youth Leadership Training event for the Youth Leaders at Kids Club.  It was awesome to hear these youth share what God is doing in their lives, and to watch them unite together as a team through team building activities!  This team had many divine appointments with people in town throughout the week, and had a chance to pray over many people, leading 3 to Christ at a local rehab.  They ministered in the local schools and to women through 2 different Bible Studies they led.  The week was amazing and we were blessed by there service here both to the community and to us personally.
unnamed (5)
Ladies leading a Bible Study for a few special girls!
unnamed (6)
Family picture day in the park!
unnamed (7)
Eleanor sharing at the Women’s Luncheon
unnamed (8)
Praying after the Bible Story at a local school
unnamed (9)
Playing games at a local school

Horizon Church Update

We are SO excited!  We have hired a Horizon Kids Director!!! Lauren Draus, a teacher at Las Nubes School, is now serving on staff with us to lead the Horizon Kids Ministry.  Lauren has been a part of our church from the beginning and we have seen her grow spiritually over the last 2 1/2 years in amazing ways!  Her heart for Jesus and her love for children are so evident, and we know she was handpicked by God!  We are so thankful for answered prayers and for God’s perfect timing!   We are still praying for a Worship Leader so please join us in praying!!  We know the Lord’s plans are perfect so we are waiting on Him as we pray.  We are so thankful for what the Lord is doing here at Horizon Church and in Jaco overall!! With that being said, please pray for us and for the ministry here.  The enemy is not happy with all that is going on and he is working over time trying to distract and to take captive those who have surrendered their lives to Jesus and have been set free.

Thank you!!!