2015 4th Quarter Newsletter

Our hearts are full!  My (Sarah) family just left this morning after spending 6 days serving alongside us.  Ten family members came down to visit, and we had a blast serving, crying, laughing, cheering (the Clemson Tigers to a victory!) together–definitely a dream come true!  The Lord did something special in all of us this past week and we are forever grateful!  While the family was here, we celebrated Thanksgiving with our Third Annual Horizon Church Thanksgiving Celebration.  It was wonderful as we hosted church members and people from the community who have never been to church before.  There were around 250 people in attendance, and we had a wonderful time eating, fellowshipping and making new friends.   Even more, we had a few people attend church on Sunday for the first time as a result of the Thanksgiving Celebration–to God be the glory!!!


Month of Weddings

In the month of September Daniel had the honor of officiating the weddings of two of our favorite couples!  Dale, our former Horizon Kids Director, was married to Jerry.  Brittany, Thomas’s 4th grade teacher and member of our church, married Randy.  What a celebration each wedding was and an amazing testimony of God’s faithfulness to His own!!

Cecilia has graduated!!!!

We are so excited to announce that Cecilia, our adopted daughter, passed her final high school course (Math) and she has officially graduated!!!  We are so proud of her and her determination to finish school and pursue attending University in the near future!  It is a BIG deal here to complete high school and graduate so we are really proud of her accomplishment!  Please be praying for her as we research and plan for this next year and what University would suit her best!  We are so proud of her!

Mission Team

In November, we hosted a Mission Team from Troy United Methodist Church in Ohio.  This is their 2nd year partnering with us and they were such a blessing!  They worked with the children and youth, and they built an outdoor bathroom at Casafe (which was much needed!).  We were so blessed by their hearts of service and are so thankful for their partnership in ministry!

Building the bathroom at Casafe
Welcome Home!

Each day brings a variety of new opportunities for ministry of all kinds.  Because of the stronghold of addiction that has so many in bondage here, there are daily opportunities to minister to and help those who are desiring freedom from these chains of addiction.  Just recently, Frank and Olman (pictured below) finished a Christian-based rehab in Coronado called “Dios En Accion.”  They have returned to Jaco, and the church has been able to get them both set up in an apartment to “start new.”  They have both found jobs and have a great support system of men from the church who are keeping them accountable and loving on them.  It is amazing to see these two as New Creations in Christ!  We are celebrating the work God is doing in their lives!  It is truly amazing!

Olman and Frank

Horizon Church Update

The Lord has really been speaking to us in these last few months about the importance of “praying without ceasing.”  So, personally we have committed to praying more and more with each other and as a Leadership Staff at the church.  We truly believe that we are to fervently “give our attention to prayer and the ministry of the Word” (Acts 6:4) to truly make a difference in this town.  As a result of the Lord’s leading, we have started a Mid-day Wednesday prayer time for the church and it has been awesome!    We are excited about what the Lord is doing in and through this time and the unity that it is bringing among the Body of Believers here in Jaco!  Please pray for us as we continue to push forward into “enemy territory” and shine the light of Jesus here in Jaco.
Wednesday Prayer Time

Thomas and Jacob leading worship with Daniel on Sunday



Thanks to each of you for your continuous prayer and
financial support!  We could not be here ministering in Jaco if it were not for you as the other half of our team!  We are so blessed by the way the Lord continues to meet our every need on a monthly basis.  Please continue to pray for the following:  Horizon Church as we continue to grow and make disciples;  our Horizon Church
ministry team as we search for a Worship Leader;  for us as the Lord is calling us to a deeper level of intimacy and prayer with Him;  protection for us and for our children;  Jaco and the lost;  intentional discipleship with those who are new to the faith;  CasaFe’; and for wisdom and discernment as we listen and follow the Lord’s leading in all things.  We love you!
Blessings,  Daniel, Sarah, Thomas, Jacob and Micah Barrett