2016 1st Quarter Newsletter

Happy New Year from our family to yours!  We have gotten off to a running start and God has shown Himself so faithful!  From weddings to entering University to salvations to baptisms–we are truly blown away by all that God is doing and we are just trying to keep up!  We ended last year with a big Christmas Celebration for our Kids Club as we do every year.  We have a blast every year and this one was no different!  The children and families from Kids Club enjoyed bounce houses, games, face painting, balloons, photos, food, candy and presents–all in the name of Jesus!  We had around 200 kids this year and God provided for each child to receive a gift.  We love this kids so dearly!!!

Horizon Kids Camp

In January, we hosted the 3rd Annual Horizon Kids Camp!  This is a camp that we lead in English through the church to reach out to the bilingual schools in the area.  We had an amazing week as we talked about following our Guide, truly trusting Him, and obeying Isaiah 30:21 “Whether you look to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you saying, ‘This is the way;  walk in it.'”  We had 12 kids invite Jesus into their hearts during camp and it was a huge day of celebration for all of us!  Thomas, our oldest, had 5 classmates from school receive Jesus and he was so excited to begin school this year saying “Mom, now I am not the only Christian in my class.” Praise God for His faithfulness!

Cecilia enters University!!!!

Cecilia on registration day at UNED

We are so excited to announce that Cecilia, our adopted daughter, has started studying at UNED, a University here in Costa Rica!!!  We are so proud of her and her determination to finish high school and to continue on in her education!  It is a BIG deal here to study at the University level–many don’t even complete high school so we are really proud of her accomplishment!  Her University is a “distance learning” program so she takes the bus to a near by town every Saturday for classes.  She does home study during the week, and this serves her well as she cares for Madelyn.  Please pray for her as she studies to pursue her dream of becoming a Preschool Teacher!

Gabe gets Married!

In January, Daniel had the honor of officiating the wedding of Gabriel and his new bride, Alejandra.  Gabe has been in ministry with us for many years and serves on staff at Horizon Church.  In addition, the church sponsors him to attend seminary at ESEPA in San Jose.  He is an asset to our team and we are so excited for all that the Lord has for him and Alejandra!
Baptisms at Horizon

As I said before,  we are amazed at all God is doing in and through Horizon Church!  Two weeks ago, we celebrated with 6 precious people as they were baptized!  What a joyous occasion to see God’s hand at work in the lives of each of these people–all so different–yet all responding to the same God who had been pursuing each of them separately.  This is a perfect picture of the diversity in the ministry God is doing here…

Meet Meghan:  From The States and has lived here in Jaco for 6 years as a teacher at the bilingual school where my kids attend.  She was invited to come to church with 2 other teachers (who are believers) when we planted the church and she reluctantly agreed.  She grew up Catholic and God was a religion not a relationship.  She never knew there was more.  She began attending church and then joined a Women’s Bible Study.  We have been praying for her for 3 years.  (She was Jacob’s 1st grade teacher.)  A few months ago, she experienced something very difficult in her life and she hit the bottom.  This is when she looked up, Jesus met her there and at our kitchen table she invited Jesus into her heart.  She was baptized and is on fire for God!

Meet Phil:  From Denver, CO and on a week long surfing trip to get away.  Phil owns a roofing company back in Denver and decided to come to Jaco for vacation.  His surf instructor for the week was Jairo, a local Costa Rican guy, who is on fire for Jesus and attends our church.  For 4 days, Jairo shared the truth of God’s Word with Phil and Phil realized Jairo had something he wanted.  He came to church on Sunday morning, prayed with Daniel to receive Christ and was baptized that afternoon at our Beach Baptism, which just happened to be his birthday!

Meet Harold:  From Bluefields, Nicaragua where they speak both English and Spanish.  Came to Jaco, Costa Rica to find work.  His father is a Pastor in Nicaragua and he was “baptized” as a child many years ago.  Harold has attended our church since the beginning.  He decided he was ready to be baptized as an outward profession of what the Lord has been doing in him.  So Harold, too, was baptized.

As you can see, the ministry here in Jaco is diverse in that we never know who the Lord will bring into our lives on any given day.  We just continue to try and walk in obedience and to make the most of every opportunity as the Lord does His work here in and through us!

Men’s Retreat
Our men just returned from the annual Men’s Retreat in the mountains of Costa Rica.  They had a wonderful time together, and God used the retreat to minister to hearts and challenge them in their walks with Him.  Here is a photo of the group that attended…


Thanks to each of you for your continuous prayer and financial support!  We could not be here ministering in Jaco if it were not for you as the other half of our team!  We are so blessed by the way the Lord continues to meet our every need on a monthly basis.  Please continue to pray for the following:  Horizon Church as we continue to grow and make disciples;  our Horizon Church ministry team as we search for a Worship Leader;  for us as the Lord is calling us to a deeper level of intimacy and prayer with Him;  protection for us and for our children;  Jaco and the lost;  intentional discipleship with those who are new to the faith;  CasaFe’; and for wisdom and discernment as we listen and follow the Lord’s leading in all things.  We love you!
Blessings,  Daniel, Sarah, Thomas, Jacob and Micah Barrett