2017 4th Quarter Newsletter

As we enter this Christmas Season, we are excited about celebrating with family and friends the birth of our Savior!  We have so much to be thankful for, and we are most thankful for Jesus who came to this earth to save us!  We are in awe of His continued faithfulness to us and to His church, and we are so blessed to be a small part of the work He is doing here in Jaco!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Construction Update

The site is prepped for the new church building, and construction has begun!  We hope to be done with construction in the next 8 months, so if you are still interested in giving to this project, please see the giving information below.  THANK YOU to those who have already been a part of the work thus far!  God is using you in a mighty way to further His Kingdom here in Jaco!

Hurricane Relief

In October, we had an unexpected hurricane tear through our country, and many of the smaller towns near Jaco were destroyed.  Because we were okay here, we knew the Lord was calling us to reach out to others around us to provide help.  We focused on helping the families in Playa Azul, a town on the coast, where we have one of our Prenatal Centers.  We were able to provide food, cleaning supplies, clothing, beds, refrigerators, etc. to these families who literally lost everything.  THANK YOU to those who gave towards the relief efforts, and PRAISE GOD these families are getting back on their feet and moving forward.

Youth Group 

We are so excited about the official launch of Youth Group these last couple of months!  We are so thankful for our interns, Kyle and Emily, who are doing an amazing job pouring into kids’ lives!  We have so many kids attending from our kids’ school and many of them are unchurched.  This group has been a great way to reach out to those who otherwise might never attend church.  We are excited about all God is doing here and we know this is only the beginning of changing the next generation here in Jaco!  To God be the glory!!

Youth Group leaving for a trip to San Jose
Annual Thanksgiving Outreach

This year’s Annual Thanksgiving Outreach was a huge success, and we praise God for all He did through this shared meal at the church!  We had over 300 people from the church and community attend, and it was an amazing time of fellowship and ministry!  There was plenty of food (20 turkeys were served), and plenty of new faces to meet!  Many people that we have prayed for regularly showed up and had a great time!  We were so blessed to be able to serve the community in this way, and we know this is just another platform God has given us to share His love with others!


Thanks to each of you for your continuous prayer andfinancial support!  We could not be here ministering in Jaco if it were not for you as the other half of our team!  We are so blessed by the way the Lordcontinues to meet our every need on a monthly basis.

Please continue to pray for the following:  Horizon Church as we continue to grow and make disciples;  our Horizon Church ministry team;  for the new church building construction;  for us as the Lord is calling us to a deeper level of intimacy and prayer with Him;  protection for us and for our children;  Jaco and the lost;  intentional discipleship with those who are new to the faith;  CasaFe’ and Centro Prenatal; and for wisdom and discernment as we listen and follow the Lord’s leading in all things.  We love you!
Blessings,  Daniel, Sarah, Thomas, Jacob and Micah Barrett